She Was Shopping At A Thrift Store When She Saw Two Women Who Couldn’t Pay Their Total

When is the last time you set foot in a thrift store? Some people go every week to see what new items have been donated, and some people may have never even been inside. Many people rely on second-hand stores for everything when their budgets are very strict, while others may be searching for vintage items or a good deal on a new blouse. One woman was doing her shopping and was waiting to be cashed out at the register when she overheard a simple conversation that turned into so much more.

“You take debit, don’t you?” the customer ahead of me in line at the thrift store asked, as her purchases were totaled.

Since it’s a new location for “Hope’s Attic” (don’t you just love that name?), they hadn’t gotten all the nuances of different payment methods sorted out yet.

The two women were together, and honestly, looked like they led challenging, hard-working lives. They only had a few dollars in cash and change between them.

“Do you mind if I pay the balance?” I inquired.

“Oh, no, that’s okay…” The women hesitated.

“Please, I’d like to, if it’s alright, with you…”

And then, we looked into each other’s eyes, smiled and she agreed.

I had a small discussion about how giving is really like receiving; how sometimes we are the giver and sometimes the receiver. Even the cashier got into the conversation, “That’s about the nicest thing I’ve ever seen in here! And we see a lot of great stuff.”

She had no idea what a difference she made in the lives of those women. She didn’t know where they came from, what their lives were like, or what their jobs were. All she knew was in that one moment, she was able to do them a kindness and it was truly appreciated by everyone who witnessed it.


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