She Was Saved By The Most Unlikely Of Saviors, And She Did THIS In Order To Return The Favor!

Georgia Bradley was vacationing in Crete when two men approached her. She rejected their advances, but the men became aggressive and tried to drag her away with them. Her boyfriend was still at the hotel and she didn’t know what else to do.

She thought the worst would happen, but didn’t realize that there was someoneĀ elseĀ in the area that was more than willing to come to her rescue! A stray dog appeared as if out of nowhere and lunged at the men, ready to fight to the death. The men were ready to handle a frightened woman but were terrified of the angry dog. They ran off without a second thought, and the protective dog followed Georgia back to the hotel room as if to make sure she would get home safe.


The nick-named her “Pepper” and after a while, they were able to approach and pet the affectionate dog. Throughout their entire stay in Crete, Pepper trotted after them, even running after their car when they tried to leave for the airport!

Georgia was only home for a few weeks, but she couldn’t stop thinking about Pepper, the brave dog that saved her life when no one else was around. She made a decision to go back and look for her furry friend in Crete.

As if by a miracle, she found Pepper sitting on the beach not far from where the dog had chased off the aggressive men.

In order to bring Pepper home, she would have to get vaccinations, a microchip, a puppy passport, and undergo a 21 day quarantine. Pepper was then able to travel to her new home with her new family.


While this story is incredible, it gets even better. While Pepper was being processed to come home, she had actually been pregnant for some time. The puppies were born only a week after Pepper was settled into her forever home!


Thankfully, these little puppies will never have to know what it is like to live on the streets, begging for food and battling with other vicious dogs for territory. I’m sure cute little pups will be just as brave as their mom!

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