She Was Put Under For Emergency Surgery During Labor…When She Woke Up, The Nurse Gave Her The WORST News!

Going to the hospital is scary. Going to the hospital because you are in labor is terrifying. Going to the hospital unexpectedly in labor with TWINS?! I think I just might faint! This poor woman has been through a lot, and to wake up to news like this might seriously push her over the edge!

A woman pregnant with twins goes into labor unexpectedly.

Her brother drove her to the hospital, since her husband was away on business. It was a very risky delivery, and the doctors had to put her under during the procedure.

The woman woke up and immediately asked, “Are my babies okay?”

The nurse on call said reassuringly, “Oh yes, your children were born healthy, a boy and a girl. However — your brother had to name them because we needed to get the birth certificates filled out.”

Nervously, she asked, “What did he name my daughter?”

“Denise,” the nurse replied.

Relieved, the woman said, “That’s a lovely name! I was worried he’d come up with something truly awful. And my son?”


Well, this wouldn’t happen, but it’s still hilarious! If I let my sister name my kids, I would hope that she would pick slightly more sensible names…but his choices made sense, I guess! In reality, you can wait a few days to choose a name for your child if you still haven’t picked one out. I knew a woman who waited 3 days before they agreed on a name for a girl – they thought they were having a boy! What a shock! This joke is too cute.

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