She Was Pregnant With Quintuplets! The Photographer Captured An INCREDIBLE Shot Of The Newborns!

Kim Tucci lives in Western Australia and decided to have a maternity photoshoot for 5 amazing reasons! Tucci was pregnant with quintuplets, and she wanted to document the occasion with some really gorgeous photographs. Her serene smile took the internet by storm, and when people learned that she would be giving birth to 5 babies? Well, they were really excited!

It’s a fairly rare occurrance to have more than one baby at a time, and even a set of triplets is news-worthy. The couple already had 3 children and decided that they wanted just one more. So, when this mom discovered she was carrying five little bundles of joy? Well, she had to make a few changes.5.12a2She began a strict diet of over 6,000 calories per day and started a blog to document her journey and get advice from other women who had been through something similar. She gained a lot of support and knew that their little family could adjust to accommodate the five babies. All through the constant back pain and trips to the bathroom, she was excited to welcome these little lives into the world.

She enlisted the help of an award-winning photographer, Erin Elizabeth, and when the babies arrived, she was excited to capture their first days in stunning pictures. Four girls and one boy were welcomed into the world, and the Tuccis are now a proud family of 8!5.12a3Ali, Penelope, Tiffany, Beatrix, and Keih snuggled together in a rare, peaceful moment. As you can imagine, having five newborns in one home can get overwhelming. The couple has help from family and friends who volunteer as often as possible. The babies are fed around 8 times a day or more, and the couple estimates that about 350 diapers are changed each week.5.12a4This beautiful family has a long way to go, but these pictures will be cherished forever! Too sweet!

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