She Was Placed In Hospice, And He Wouldn’t Leave Her Side

Back in 1962, he was in the Coast Guard and never expected his life to completely change out of the blue. One day, he was at a pistol match in Maine and met a spunky young woman at the Blue Hill Inn, and the rest was history. They spent a lifetime together, but over the years, her health grew worse…and sadly, she was eventually put in hospice. They had shared so much, and he was determined to be there with her until the very end.

This is my papa and nana …my nana got put in hospice last week. She’s now living at my aunt’s house. Today I took this picture and my papa’s exact words to her were, ‘I’m so glad I was at the Blue Hill Inn in Maine for that pistol match in 1962.¬†You make my life worthwhile.’

So many years gone by in a snap, the love they share is priceless.”

The sweet picture represents decades of love and devotion. They had their ups and downs, but in the end, knew exactly where they wanted to be and wouldn’t have changed a thing. The sweet story is inspiring hundreds to stop taking life for granted. The years pass in the blink of an eye, and not everyone gets this chance to share their final farewells. This picture will stand to inspire others for decades to come.

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