She Was Only 2-Years-Old, But She KNEW To Call 9-1-1 In An Emergency! SMART Kid!

In Greenville, South Carolina, a family taught their young toddler that if she ever needed help in an emergency, she should call 9-1-1 and ask for help. If anyone was hurt, if she was alone, or if she was lost, she should contact the police. They were there to help her – and in her mind, they were there JUST for her!

One day, she was having trouble getting dressed. Her favorite pair of pants just wouldn’t go all the way up, and she needed to get dressed NOW! This definitely felt like an emergency, so it mustĀ beĀ an emergency!

She grabbed the phone and dialed the numbers that her parents had taught her to memorize…

The Greenville Country Sheriff’s Office weren’t sure what was really going on as it was a 9-1-1 hangup call, but Deputy Martha Lohnes was nearby and she agreed to go and check it out. When she got to the house, the little girl was already at the door…and only had one pant leg on. She asked for help, and Lohnes obliged…which obviously meant that it was now time for a hug!


The little girl asked to be picked up and hugged – and Lohnes gladly obliged again! She called it “the best part” of her shift that day.

There was a family member home, and the little girl’s parents were unaware that their daughter had called for help until the help arrived. I’m sure they will teach her a little bit more about what an “emergency” actually is, after this ordeal! It’s just too cute!

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