She Was On A Walk When She Saw This Horrific Sight! Who Could Do Such A Thing?!

In Slayden, Mississippi, a woman was on a walk when she saw something suspicious in a neighbor’s front yard. When she got closer, she realized that it was a dog locked inside of a cage that was barely big enough. The dog was unable to sit up straight and was in a stiff crouching position. He was panting furiously because the cage was in direct sunlight and no shade to be found. There was no food or water inside of the cage. She couldn’t stand it.

She decided to set the dog free.

She marched up to the front door, but the owners refused to let her take the animal out of the cage. She decided to call the police, but they told her that they wouldn’t do anything to help. According to their state law, this is an offence punishable by law. (chapter 41, MS CODE 97-41-16 in 2013).The woman who originally posted the picture has since taken the page down, but not before advocates saved the picture in order to spread the word about the dangers of leaving dogs in direct sunlight.

Dog’s don’t sweat, and their only way to cool down on a hot day is by panting, “pawing” water onto their underbellies, or laying down in the shade. This dog was not given any of these options, and would most likely die of heatstroke.

Many people are wondering why these cruel people would keep a dog if they aren’t going to treat the animal with any sort of decency. If you see an animal in direct sunlight, say something. No one is sure what happened to this poor dog, but I’d like to imagine that the owners had a change of heart and let the pooch inside and out of the sunlight. 🙁

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