She Was Nearly KILLED By Recalled Tanning Spray. She Was Only 25!

Tanning sprays are a popular alternative to using tanning beds or exposing our skin for hours at a time. That “bronze glow” is fun for summertime, and with so many lotions and mists and sprays out there, we’ve got plenty of options. When the weather gets unbearably hot, tank tops and shorts are usually the first thing that we grab…but a lot of people just feel more confident with a sun-kissed glow instead.

Lucy Fowler wanted an even, tanned look and chose “St Tropez Instant Tan WashOff Face and Body Spray” a long-winded name for a product that nearly ended her life. She was planning to wear shorts, but didn’t want to look quite so pale.

She was in the bathroom and began to spray the product onto her legs…but almost instantly, she started feeling off.

My chest started to tighten and I thought maybe I had used too much.”

She opened the bathroom window to let in some fresh air, but it was too late. Her chest felt even tighter than before and it was harder to breathe. She left the room, but it didn’t help. She called emergency services and was rushed to the hospital. She had to have an oxygen treatment.

6.20a1The spray? It had been recalled 3 years early, but was still on the shelves in stores. She had only purchased the can a few weeks earlier, but since this disaster, has decided to swear off fake tans for good. Having tanned skin is not worth dying.

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