She Was Killed In A Car Accident, But Her Dog Survived, Only To Run From The Scene. The Problem? They Were Nearly 1,000 Miles From Home. One Police Officer Wouldn’t Rest Until She Was Found!

McKenzie Catron was only 19 when we was killed in a car accident. It was spring break, and the car spun out of control, hitting a utility pole. While McKenzie did not survive, her dog, Kai, did…but she was nowhere to be found. When he was told that the dog had gone missing, he organized a search party to reunite the family in this horrible time of grief.


Once the scene of the accident had been secured, Sgt. Jonathan Whaley gathered as many people as he could to search from the missing pup. They created a Facebook group to organize searches and even offered a $1,000 reward to anyone who found the missing dog. It was hard work, but no one wanted to give up on finding the girl’s best friend.3.30a11They eventually spotted her near the road, but it took over 8 people to corner her and put her into a vehicle. She was confused and scared, but the people would not stop until they had retrieved the pooch. When they finally got a hold of her, Sgt. Whaley decided to make the trip of 770 miles to bring McKenzie’s adopted dog to her family so that they wouldn’t have to make the trip themselves. Giving McKenzie’s dog to her family was something that needed to be done, and Sgt. Whaley was more than happy to make the drive.


Of course, it won’t bring back the young woman who was taken from them too soon, but it helped ease the hurt, just a little.

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