She Was Kicked Out Of School For Getting MARRIED! When The District Finds Out 74 Years Later, They Give Her A Diploma!

Did you know that in 1942, you could get kicked out of high school for being married? I didn’t know that, but it sounds positively archaic! Dorothy Liggett’s boyfriend was drafted into the Army in 1942, and they decided to get married before he left. Because of the time that they lived in, they needed to keep it all quiet, but that didn’t last long after she stood up for herself against a cruel jibe from the gym teacher about forgetting her uniform. She was newly pregnant, and when the gym teacher insisted that she be banished to study hall, she remembers angrily blurting out, “No. I’m married. I’m going home.”

The school’s faculty found out and were quick to expel her thanks to the school’s policy that banned married students from attending high school…just weeks before graduation! She was unable to graduate with her class due to the school’s decision, and she never was able to move on from the fact that her right to graduate was stolen from her…just because she fell in love!

Her daughter, at age 73, decided to write to the superintendent of Akron Public School and petition them to give her mother the diploma that she never received all those years ago.

On her 93rd birthday the superintendent delivered her diploma and graduation cap personally!


Receiving the diploma fulfilled a life-long aspiration that closes a lot of old wounds! What a sweet birthday gift!

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