She Was Impatient To Get Through The Long Line, But This Elderly Man Spoke, And She Never Forgot

Rushing through life makes us impatient, and often causes us to miss the joys that life can bring…even if they are right in front of us. Hurrying through our daily errands, rushing to get to work, quickly scarfing down our lunch to meet a deadline before a meeting with a client, zooming home to start dinner, racing to pick up the kids before their next appointment…the list goes on. There isn’t much time between each thing we have to do, and as we get older, we start to forget what is really important every day.10-21a11He didn’t mind waiting because he recognized the moment for what it was. By spending a few more moments in line, he could spend them smelling the sweet aroma of baking pastries, the bitter comfort of hot coffee, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere for just a bit longer. Ignoring the moment to rush into the next wasn’t on his to-do list, and by sharing the knowledge with the woman in line, he changed her outlook too.

We might not be able to slow down very often, but stopping – if only for a second – to appreciate the places we visit and the people we see can make a huge difference in each and every day. Take a moment to appreciate…well, the “moments.” They are what life is really about, after all.


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