She Was Flying From Texas To Hawai’i With Her Dog…She Was Nervous Until She Got This Incredible Text!

Ashley Cervantes was moving from Dallas to Hawai’i. Her husband is in the military, and she was taking the last step to bring their lives to a new place. It would be a long flight with a 3-hour layover in Denver, but that wasn’t what had Ashley so nervous. Yes, it was going to be a long trip…but Ashley was more worried about her dog, Maya, their Boxer who would be flying in a crate.

Every little bump or turn in the aircraft I pictured my baby Maya girl and her scared face. I wrote a little note and my phone number on Maya’s crate so i could hopefully get updates during our 3 hour layover in Denver. I knew it was a long shot, and honestly i was not expecting a text from anyone.” She wrote.

But someone saw her note and knew how it felt to be a dog owner as he had the same breed at home! He took her phone number and sent her a text and a picture to assure her that she was perfectly taken care of! Maya was still nervous, but she had all of her needs met and was even able to stretch her legs!With one message, Ashley was able to relax knowing that Maya had been taken care of.

Flying with a dog comes with a lot of regulations, and many airlines won’t allow a snub-nosed breed of dog or cat to fly because of the difficulty they have breathing. After Maya was cleared by a veterinarian, she was allowed to fly – and made it safe and sound to their new home in Hawai’i!

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