She Was Exhausted After A Long Day But Still Made Dinner. Her Son Admitted Something, And She HAD To Share

Parents do a lot for their children, and most of the time, it feels like the kids just don’t appreciate all of the hard work. From morning until night (and usually through the night, too!) parents worry about how to make their kid’s lives easier…while it sometimes seems that the kids take it all for granted. When Holly N. was exhausted after a long day, she still found the time to cook a healthy meal for her family, but this time, it was different…

Just about every night I make dinner for myself, Chris and the kids. I’ve always made a great effort to make sure those meals are good and balanced. They are made with love even in my most tired days. As a mom you feel perhaps they don’t mean much or are taken for granted. However, last night Zane finished dinner and before he went upstairs he said, ‘Mom, when I have kids I’m going to make sure we always have dinners like we do!’

That statement in itself was enough. My heart swelled. Then he let me know he had actually written about our dinners (he is a writer) He offered to share what he has written with me sometime. He said, ‘One of the things I wrote is that the meals you cook represent stability in my life.’

I can’t tell you how it feels to have my 16-year-old son tell you that this repetitive, often tiring, monotonous thing I do every night signifies stability in his life. So when you’re cooking dinner and eating with your kids for the 5,000th time and you think no one cares…think again. I believe it means more to them than we know or even more than they say.”

When she thought that no one appreciated the effort it took to not only cook a meal, but plan a healthy one, her son completely took her by surprise. She thought that they didn’t recognize the amount of work she put into their diets, creating a time for family bonding that they had been taking for granted…only to find out that her son looked forward to that time every night! Her heart melted and she shared it on social media where parents began to share it and comment like crazy! Even when we feel burnt out and exhausted, finding a reason to keep going might be as simple as that.

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