She Was Excited To Have Extra Room On Her Flight…Then, The NIGHTMARE Started!

When it comes to flying, most people have multiple horror stories to tell. From lost luggage to medical emergencies, being 30,000 feet up in the air tends to put a stressful tone to just about any incident…but this one? Oh, no. This one is just outright disgusting.

Jessie Char was on a flight, all buckled up and ready to go. She was excited to realize that she wouldn’t have to sit next to any strangers on this flight! She snapped a quick picture and posted it for her fans to praise her good fortune…but she had no idea about the horrors that were about to befall her… “Two visitors” decided to make an unwelcome appearance. And it didn’t stop there. Oh no, along with the bare feet and probably uncleaned toenails, the person even became so bold as to open and close the window with their toes! GROSS!

People wanted to know how in the world someone could think this was okay to do in public. Bare feet is a no-no in public – why did this person think that not only taking off their shoes in a confined cabin was acceptable, but that also putting their feet into someone else’s space was not going to be a problem? The internet demanded answers, and for once, there wasn’t much disagreement. Everyone seemed to think that this person had clearly lost their marbles. One brave soul suggested that she dip her fingers in water and pretend to sneeze on the feet.

Would you have done anything about this?!

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