She Was Driving Along When She Noticed An Entire Family Of BEARS Eating Out Of One Tree!

What would you do if you noticed four black bears hanging out in a tree in someone else’s yard? Why, you would stop to take a picture, of course! A woman in Sudbury, Ontario was tickled to spot this family of black bears high up in the tree and knew that she just had to get a shot of them. They had climbed up into a crab apple tree, and were in the process of picking it clean. While the bears do enjoy harvesting the apples, she reports that the bears are often seen digging through garbage as well.

The mother had taken her three cubs on a scavenging adventure, and while most of us are shocked to see the picture, residents who live in the area report that this kind of thing is actually very common.10-19a8While the tree looks like its branches will snap under the weight of four bears, it continues to stand year after year.

These specific bears have been spotted multiple times throughout the year, with one resident reporting having seen the family when the cubs were several months younger. They still seem to love crab apples, even half a year later!

People down here are used to it, but all my city friends are pretty amazed,” Megan Sigdson said.

She was mostly impressed that none of the branches had snapped after having been sat on by multiple pounds of hungry bears.


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