She Was Devastated When Her Daughter Fell In Love With A Pair Of Shoes That She Couldn’t Afford. The Ladies At The Front Desk SHOCKED Her When They Did Something Incredible!

It’s a feeling that every parent dreads when they take their children to the store along with them. Inevitably, the shiny displays or promoted outfits and shoes will draw their little eyes to the “coolest thing EVER” that they just can’t live without! The moment when we have to say “no” is one of the toughest, but unfortunately, we have to stick by our budgets. While this might be easier to explain to an older child…it is nearly impossible to explain something like a “budget” to a 3-year-old. You can’t explain why she can’t have that sparkly shirt in a way that she will understand. This mom found herself in a frustrating position…and the women at the cash register came to the rescue!!

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When Katy realized that her post had gone VIRAL, she added this in the comments to further add to this precious story! Some people are just too sweet!


These ladies could have just as easily stood by and done nothing to help out aside from size the shoes for the little ones. They could have sympathized with this mom as she tried to explain to her toddler why she wouldn’t be getting the shoes that she wanted. They could have just ignored the crying that would have definitely followed. They could have watched this mom make two separate purchases days apart because she couldn’t afford everything at once.

Instead, they stepped up and did something incredibly selfless, caring for the children, and truly grieving with this mother during such a stressful time. These women deserve all of the thanks they are receiving!

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