She Was Desperate To Find Her “Missed Connection” And Took Drastic Measures To Find Him By Valentine’s!

For Devin Custalow, it was just another day in late January. Riding the train with a friend, she saw someone that caught her eye: a well-dressed man wearing yellow shoes. She began talking with her friend, deciding whether or not to talk to him, but didn’t say anything. She’d been hoping that he would return the interest and say hello…but it didn’t happen. She tried to let it go, but something about this man had intrigued her and she wasn’t about to miss out on something that might be wonderful! In the age of technology, she knew that if he had missed the connection, she’d give him the chance to find her again.

Custalow commissioned a huge mural right on the street. She also posted signs all over the area, hoping that he would see them and remember her! He would be able to return her interest by one specific scenario:


He could meet her at this specific place at this specific time for a Valentine’s Day date!

The message spread far and wide, and Custalow hoped that he had seen it. So, on the big day, she waited…

And waited…

And waited.

Her mystery man never appeared, and many people had theories. Possibly, the man was married or in a relationship already. It could be that he had been traveling and only in town for the day. Maybe he had moved. Or maybe, they guessed, he just wasn’t interested in someone who couldn’t say hello first.

Either way, she had taken her chance and followed her heart, even if it ended in heartbreak.

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