She Was Crying On The Bus One Day After Finding Her Boyfriend With Another Woman…A Stranger Gave Her A Note That She Still Has Years Later! Amazing!

Have you ever been so upset that you cried in public? Most of us can just go sit in our cars in the parking lot and sob away when something awful happens and we are far from home. But what about when you’re on a plane, sitting in a crowded bus, or waiting for a taxi? What do you do about your tears then? It’s hard to hide them when you feel that overwhelming urge to bawl your eyes out from grief. Strangers will look at you and a few might even ask if you need anything – albeit hesitantly – and it can make a stressful situation even more so! This woman was in tears on the bus when a kind woman handed this note to her. She has kept it, even after 10 years.


We’ve all been in her shoes before. Trying to hold back the tears in public, thinking of anything to distract yourself until you can just make it home. I have always been polite and looked away when people were grieving and trying to hide it behind their sleeve or quickly wipe away their tears…but maybe a short note like this might make it easier. This is an incredible gesture, and I hope that some day, this woman will see that her hastily written note on the bus that day touched this grieving girl in a way she couldn’t imagine!

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