She Was Burned At Age 9. This Is What She Accomplished In The Aftermath!

At only 9 years old, Shalom Blac was burned by hot oil at her mother’s grocery store in Nigeria. She was taking a nap near the area where her mother made fried food for the university students who came to eat after their classes. The oil fell and burned much of her body, and in her terror, she began to rip off her own skin to try and get away from the pain. She spend 4 months in the hospital recovering from the accident, unsure of where her life would lead her. The other children made fun of her daily, and she thought that when her family moved to America, the ridicule would finally stop. 7.26a12But it didn’t. She tried to use makeup to cover her scars, but slowly, she began to find that she loved herself. She shared her story, and her classmates began to pay her in exchange for having their makeup done because she had gotten so good at it. She started a YouTube channel, and although many strangers leave mean comments, an overwhelming amount of the responses she receives are from other burn victims who find comfort and reassurance in her inspiring videos.7.26a14Even if she could go back and prevent the accident from happening in the first place, Shalom says that she wouldn’t do it. She knows how much her story has helped others to live their lives every day and find self-acceptance. She says that she has found her calling, and she wouldn’t trade her experiences for the world.7.26a13Makeup is a tool to be creative and express yourself, she says. You should feel just as comfortable without makeup as you do with it. Her message is pure and full of love, and her bravery is impressive.

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