She Was Annoyed When Her Doctor Ran Late…But After This Woman Arrived, She Was Glad For The Wait

Nina M. was in the waiting room at her doctor’s office for a very important exam, but they were taking a long time to see her. Like most doctor’s offices, they tend to run a little late as the day wears on, and so she sat in the room getting more and more aggravated by the wait time. Until this woman rolled in and changed everything.

Nina was there for a preventative screening. Breast cancer runs in her family, so she was willing to wait as long as it took to see her doctor. But then she overheard this jovial woman laughing and sharing stories with her friend, and neither of them were being held back by the woman’s obvious daily struggles.

Over the course of the wait, Nina discovered that this was the woman’s second round of chemotherapy when another patient recognized the happy woman. They knew each other and shared a strong bond over fighting similar battles, and the woman gladly shared a hug, exchanging their progress stories and wishing one another the best of luck. 

What a beautiful sight to see this morning. The positivity, love, and energy that flowed from this stranger, could be felt across the room and certainly inside of me. Thank you, dear stranger, for inspiring me today. I don’t know what lies ahead for me or my family, but I know that our challenges are only endured through love, family, friendship, concern for others over self, and most of all, laughter.” Nina wrote.

Keeping perspective is a hard thing to do, but in just an instant, one woman’s cheerful outlook on life despite her struggles was able to influence an entire waiting room of people. Nina hopes that by sharing her story, she can also share her unbridled joy.

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