She Wants To Give Her Mother A Card For Mother’s Day…The Only Problem? Her Mother Was Born BLIND! The Solution Is So Touching!

It’s never too early to let our parents know that we love them (or our kids, or our grand kids, or our best friends…okay, I’m getting carried away!) and we don’t always need to wait for a holiday to do something special! This story happened on Mother’s Day, but it is such an amazing story that it can be shared all year long! Finding fun and unique ways to let our family members know that we care shouldn’t be tied to just one day. This woman shared her amazing idea, and the internet instantly fell in love! 

My mother was born blind. Every year since I was able to figure out how to use the slate and stylus (And eventually a Brailler Machine) I have Brailled her cards so she could read them.

3.1a5I found the perfect tactile card, with raised sequins that my mom can read by touch.3.1a6The inside has a leaflet style paper insert with the card text on it. It was the perfect thickness and size to be able to use the slate and stylus (pictured)

This is one of the sweetest things I’ve seen! Receiving mail is something that most of the blind haven’t really experienced that often. Before this post, I had no idea that such an interesting method was used in order to create braille! It’s fascinating to see it up close, and this mother must have been so touched to receive this heartfelt message! What’s even more amazing is that the card has letters that she can “read” on the front! Amazing!

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