She Wants As Many People As Possible To See This Picture For One Shocking Reason

Eleanor, a high school senior, was proud to be graduating after an accomplished education. Like most seniors, she took her senior pictures in a place that was meaningful to her, posing with cute yellow flowers and documenting the next phase of her life. The only problem? The school rejected her senior portrait for being “too inappropriate.”

She immediately took to social media (as the school obviously can’t understand the concept of irony) and posted her fully-clothed senior portrait aside the school’s official portrait of the male swim team, speedos and all.

The bathing suits are definitely against the school’s own dress code, but her bare shoulder and lace camisole was just far too scandalous to include. She didn’t post the boys’ picture to shame them, she clarifies.

It’s about the school saying my picture wasn’t okay, but they [the boys] show way more skin and get their picture seen a lot more.” She wrote.

She has already spoken with teachers and other students, and thanks to her viral tweet, she has planned a meeting with the school’s principal to argue against the decision and ask why the boys are allowed to be photographed in nothing but speedos while her shoulders were deemed “too inappropriate.”

While a few people tried to argue that the swim team was in a uniform, they were quickly silenced by other students saying that the team could have been photographed in literally anything else to follow the dress code.

One dad chimed in and hoped that Eleanor got through to the school.

My daughter is going through something similar. Poor girl is devastated and humiliated.” He wrote.

It’s 2017, and Eleanor wants to know why this kind of thing is still happening.

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