She Wanted To Take Her Prom Photos With A Puppy…It Did NOT Go As Planned!

Kaycee Marie was planning to take her prom pictures outside. The lawn was lush and green, her hair and makeup were flawless, and her dress was gorgeous…but there as just one thing missing:

Her adorable puppy, Doobie.

Little Doobie might be a few months old, but Kaycee is already in love with him. She wanted to include him in her special moment…but it seems like someone may have forgotten to tell HIM that!

No matter what she tried, the playful pooch just didn’t want to cooperate. The very first picture was alright…but the rest?!

Doobie was not having it,” said Kaycee. “He was having way too much fun running around our new yard.” She wrote.

Normally, she says that the playful pup will lick her face if she makes kissy noises at him. This time, he made THAT face and wriggled out of her hands to run away!

In instant later, she says he had bolted across the yard to smell and lick and jump around everything in their yard. It sounds like Doobie has his life’s priorities in the perfect order.

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