She Wanted To Meet Their “Least Adoptable” Cat. The Reason Kitty Had No Home? Heartbreaking.

The Morris Animal Refuge in Pennsylvania received a stunning request from a woman who came in wanting to meet their adoptable animals. Unlike most people, however, she wasn’t interested in kittens or young cats. In fact, her exact request shocked them:

I’d like to meet your least adoptable cat,” she said.

Their “least adoptable” cat turned out to be a 15-year-old cat with a slew of ailments. She was blind, deaf, a heart murmur, and suffered from hyperthyroidism which meant she needed to be on a special diet. But even with all of those conditions, she never stopped purring or giving cuddles.
As soon as volunteers brought Princess out to meet the kind woman, they were touched to witness their first interactions. Princess seemed to know the woman, instantly warming to her and rubbing her face against the new person giving her affection.

It was almost as if Princess knew that her forever-human had found her. She may not be able to groom herself or play for long periods of time, but she was able to give comfort and love easily.After months of waiting, Princess now has a home to spend her golden years in peace and happiness. Her needs were of no concern to the kind woman, and her story has inspired others to consider adopting an elderly cat when they head to their local shelters.

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