She Wanted To Do Something Special For Her Baby…The Final Photograph Will Make You CRY!

Kari was only a few months pregnant when her husband suddenly passed away. He left Kari, their son, and their unborn daughter behind. It was absolutely devastating for the little family, but she wanted to remember him somehow. That’s when she decided to do something a little unorthodox during her maternity photo session…and it has gone VIRAL!

Kari gave her husband a kiss before they went to work not knowing that it would be their very last. Later that day, Tod had a heart attack and never came home.

She is wearing a pendant given to her by her late husband. It is engraved in his handwriting and says “I love you Baby.” She had this teddy bear made from his favorite shirt. It will bring her and her daughter comfort in the trying times ahead. His hand print was carefully transferred onto her stomach.
She prepared to have a sentimental moment captured in a picture that would give her comfort in the future. She came to her photographer with an idea, and the talented Kelly Ross made her wish come true.

Using their wedding photo, she edited the silhouette of Kari’s late husband into the picture as lovingly as she could. Overnight, the picture spread across social media faster than anyone expected. 

At only 34, Kari found herself a mother and a widow, much earlier in life than she ever thought possible. You never know how much time you have left. Cherish your loved ones and don’t forget to kiss each other goodbye every morning.

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