She Wanted To Create A Magical First Christmas For Her Daughter. She Received The Opposite.

Mom Zoe McAllister wanted to do something special for her 11-month old daughter’s first ever Christmas. She decided to celebrate the holiday with a brand new Christmas tree and purchased a pre-lit tree from a retail store in the UK. The picture on the box depicted a twinkling, full tree of a modest size that would fit perfectly into the living room. …And then she opened it…

I was disappointed…but it was very funny to look at. I honestly laughed for about 15 minutes after I saw it.”

She decided to see if she could fluff out the branches and make it seem anywhere near what the picture on the box was…but this was the result. There was simply no saving this sad little tree. It was missing so many branches, she decided to contact the company about it.

As you can see…it looks NOTHING like the picture on the box. I have a feeling half of my tree has been left in the factory? No amount of ‘sprucing’ can fix this.”

Whether the company was tickled at her excellent use of the ‘sprucing’ pun or just ashamed to be caught, they gave her a full refund. McAllister’s brother ended up giving her another tree, but the whole story was so relatable that it has been shared thousands of times.

While there are easy tricks to try and make a tree look fuller…sometimes, you just can’t help it!

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