She Wanted To Check On Her Old House And Saw This…The Problem? Her Mother Is Dead.

Denise Underhill moved to Florida, a state in the United States which happened to be a long way from her old home in the United Kingdom. She was building a new life for herself in a new country, but as many people do after making a big move, she began to feel nostalgic about her home.

She decided to do a bit of gardening. Growing up, her mother loved to be outdoors and to water the plants in her garden. The thought made her even more homesick, so she thought that going to “have a look” at the home might make her feel a bit better about everything.

Thinking nothing of it, she decided to do a search online for her old home to see if it had changed much or if it was relatively the same. What she didn’t expect to find after typing in the old address was this picture of her mother watering their hedges. The only problem? Her mother had died months ago.

She was shocked. After she recovered from it, she was touched. Her mother was captured in an instant doing her favorite thing, kept “alive” by the car that had driven by and snapped this picture of her old home.

More and more people are discovering this phenomenon as their aging parents and relatives die only to still be visible when someone looks up the address.

She saved the picture and decided to share it. Her heartwarming moment (although a bit shocking) made her appreciate the time she had had with her mother.

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