She Wanted To Buy A Fun Toy To Cheer Up Her Two-Year-Old…But Found This Heartbreaking Note In The Toy Section

Bonita Ortega is raising three children, but when her two-year-old son, Nixon, broke his leg earlier that week, she knew that she needed to do something special to help him cope with his temporary immobility. She decided to take him to the toy store and purchase a toy that would allow him to play without needing to use his broken leg…but what she found taped to the display broke her heart into a million pieces.

My two year old broke his leg earlier this week and I decided to go to ToysRUs today on lunch to get him a “Get Well” present to surprise him with when I got home. I walk up to the Cars section, anyone that knows Nixon, knows he loves Cars. Taped to the display is an envelope that read,

“Please use this cash to buy something in honor of our son Henry who would be 4 on March 2, 2017.”

I looked around in disbelief filled with so many emotions, I immediately started to cry, it was bittersweet tears. I was hurting for Henry’s family, but so thankful that my Nixon could honor this sweet boy. I wish I could personally thank Henry’s parents and just tell them how thankful we are for their sweet gesture. Nixon was able to get this awesome Cars garage that he hasn’t stopped playing with since opening it. Please share in hopes this will make it to them.

Happy Birthday, Henry!

While many parents have pointed out that Henry’s family wanted to remain anonymous, Bonita only wants them to see the joy that their kindness brought to her son’s life! She appreciates their generosity and respects their grief, and wants them to know that she is thankful. If this post is shared enough times, they will hopefully see it!  

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