She Wanted To Be “Under The Evil Queen’s Spell,” And Dad Tried To Help. The Internet Helped MORE.

While browsing the internet, one guy stumbled across this adorable picture of a dad holding his daughter up in front of the Evil Queen at one of the Disney theme park. The little girl was dressed as Snow White, and it was immediately clear that she wanted a picture with her favorite Disney villain to complete her dreams of being Snow White, her favorite Disney princess! Her dad agreed and held her up, adorably putting a distressed expression on his face while the Evil Queen practiced her menacing glare towards the camera.

7.25a11The artists of the internet immediately donated their services (and creativity) to turn this picture into a truly magical experiment. The magic just oozes out of this picture in a way that only a Disney villain can portray. The combination of smoke, magic, and wonder make this photograph an absolute gem! 7.25a12The trickiest part of the project, the artist comments, was recreating the Evil Queen’s outfit behind dad. We think that they did an excellent job! The photo eventually made its way back to the family, and they were ecstatic to be able to put this adventure up on their wall! The little girl couldn’t believe what she was seeing!

The artist wants everyone to know that in these cases, it’s important to take two pictures; a before and after shot would have made this much easier. Remember this trick if you ever find yourself on vacation and the kids want a magical photo alteration! This is just too precious!

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