She Wanted The World To Know What This Cop Had Done After A Customer Left With No Shoes

When the man came into the store one day, the first thing the employees noticed was that his shoes were falling apart. The soles had worn almost completely through and the threads were barely holding them on his feet. He tried on a pair and went to make his purchase…but at the register, his card was declined.

He left and the employees resumed their work. About a quarter hour later, that same customer returned to their shop with a police officer. They were nervous. When they asked if there was a problem, the officer surprised them.

No, there’s no problem but if you still have the shoes I’d like to go ahead and buy them,’ he said.

They hadn’t sold the shoes, and as the shoes were rung up, one of the employees decided to split the cost of the shoes with the officer. 

There was no one else in the store and it wasn’t to “pretend” to care. Just a genuine act of kindness.” The employee wrote.

She didn’t get the officer’s name or the name of the customer. There were no other people in the store and no one saw what happened. The officer wasn’t looking for recognition and hadn’t made a show about paying for the shoes. They also don’t know what led the officer to get involved.

Small acts of kindness like this are what’s going to rebuild trust and faith in our communities.”

All they knew was that a man was in need, and another person stepped in to help.

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