She Wanted Something NEW, So She Started By Painting The Grout In Her Bathroom

While we have seen this method used before, the ease of this project can’t be ignored! It’s beautiful, chic, and above all else, it is one of the easiest ways to completely transform a room! One woman decided to paint her tile floors, and the end result is stunning. Using regular paint is a mistake, she clarifies, and insists that a chalk paint will give the best results!

She starts off by washing and scrubbing her tile floor with soap and water before moving on to paint the grout first. Since it has the most texture, it will need more layers of paint. After the paint over the grout has dried, she painted the rest in several coats until the floor looked perfectly even.10-17a9Next, she ordered a stencil that’s design was the exact size of her tiles. She taped it down (and wore socks because the chalk paint will scuff before it has been sealed!) and rolled her second color into the design. She was careful to wait for each tile to dry before continuing on.10-17a10She fixed any mistakes with a small, fine brush. The attention to detail will make the overal design look flawless.10-17a11Once the design was completed, she brushed several coats of a matte polyacrylic paint, letting everything dry for two hours between each coat. After the final layer has been allowed to dry overnight, the floor will be ready to use as normal!
10-17a12What do you think of this new trend in painting floor tiles? Love it or hate it?


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