She Wanted Dad To Watch Her Doll While He Was Working. He Documented Their Adventures!!

Joselyn, Trent McCain’s 9-year-old daughter asked a big favor of grandpa when she realized he was going on the road. Grandpa works as a trucker, and Joselyn didn’t want him to be lonely. She gave him her favorite doll, Abbie, and wanted to make sure he would take good care of the adorable toy. Not only did he agree, he gave 100% to the task, documenting their every stop.

First on the list? Watching the grain from their family farm being loaded up into the truck. It really was an adventure to be out and about, and he didn’t want his grand daughter to miss out on any of it.6.27a5When he stopped for snacks, he sent his grand daughter this picture…who immediately responded that Abbie needed to watch her diet! Coke and slim jims weren’t a healthy choice…it was too late, though, grandpa says! Abbie loved it.
6.27a6Abbie got a loving hug – just like Joselyn would have! They took the pictures hoping to cheer up Joselyn, who was sad that the people she loved had to go to work. They never expected the pictures or the story to go viral!6.27a7

However, the public absolutely loved this family’s devotion to their daughter and her happiness. Little Abbie was even invited to a radio show (and tied up her pigtails to wear the headphones!) and her fame increased. 6.27a8

The family company had only 300 likes when they posted this story…after just a few days, it increased to over 5,000! People were happy to see this sweet story!

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