She Wanted A Backsplash For Her Kitchen And Designed This “Subway Tile” Look For ONLY $28!

A brand new kitchen is, unfortunately, a dream that many people aren’t able to achieve. They may be renting a home and unable to make upgrades, leasing an apartment, or don’t have the budget to purchase new appliances and cabinets…but according to this clever woman, one thing that many people can use is very simply:

A can of paint!

If the landlord doesn’t want anything changed, they won’t object to a freshly painted wall when you move out, and with this design, the before and after is as different as night and day!
10-4a7She knew that she wanted a design that would have gray “grout” and white “tiles,” so she marked off the areas and painted only the “grout” to use as little paint as necessary. Then, using a paper template, she placed blue painter’s tape over the “grout lines.”10-4a6She painted the tiles a brilliant white…and when she peeled the tape away, she was left with this perfect design! The clean look completely transformed the kitchen, leaving her with a beautiful redesign that didn’t cost more than a can of paint and a roll of tape!
10-4a5After an entire year, the design was still looking perfect. The only thing she wishes she had done was make the grout lines smaller. By using a glossy paint, the wall was able to withstand splashes of water and food, cleaning easily after getting messy. Would you consider doing this in your kitchen? You can see more details on this awesome project here!


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