She Waited By The Gas Pump For The Perfect Person…And Did THIS When The Stranger Smiled At Her!

Sometimes, we get the urge to do something that might make us a little uncomfortable. It’s like some sort of sixth sense that we can’t explain, but if we ignore it, we will dwell on the situation for days afterwards. It could have been something big like paying for someone’s meal at a restaurant, or something small like dropping spare change into a needy person’s outstretched cup. If you do that one good deed, you feel nice knowing that you made someone else’s day a bit brighter. If you ignore it, you might end up thinking about it for days on end, wondering why it’s still bothering you. For this woman, she no longer needs to wonder! 

Today, I decided to fill up someone’s car with gas. I stopped at the first gas station near my coffee shop – but for some reason no one showed up. I decided to pick up my coffee and then stop at the gas station near my house.

This gas station has 12 pumps – I stopped at the first pump and waited for a bit but everyone was already filling up their car with gas. Then I decided to drive my car to a different pump and I said I’ll wait for a minute and see what happens.

Then…this beautiful soul parked her car behind mine. I looked at her and smiled – she smiled back. I thought that was as good a sign as any! She seemed nice.

Then I went to her and here’s how the conversation went:

“Hi Ma’am…” (the lady was surprised to see someone by her car so she kind of panicked…then smiled) “I know I sound so weird…but can I buy your gas?”

Her eyes grew wide. “What? Why?!”

“I just want to be kind…” I started. “I’m dedicating this month to kindness.”

“Are you sure?!” She still couldn’t really believe it.

“YES!” I couldn’t help but shout in excitement. “I really want to!”

Then the lady brought both of her hands into prayer and looked up to the sky and said, “Thank you God! Thank you God!” She began crying at the gas station. She got out of her car then and she moved from hugging me to crying …back and forth…so many times…

After most of her tears were drying, she explains why she had gotten so emotional. “I just called the bank and I only had 10 dollars in my account. I have been helping my mother out because she’s sick and it’s been so hard for me financially.”

We kept hugging, crying and laughing…..I was her miracle and she was mine. She opened my heart and gave more meaning to my life.


The beauty of giving is that you have no way of knowing how much your gift meant to someone. You don’t know what they are going through in life, what they might be feeling, or what challenges they are facing. Passing a stranger on the street is easy. Passing someone in need is a bit harder. Do what you can to help others out in your daily life – you may not always get to take a selfie and share the story online, but your kindness will always reach farther than you know!


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