She Visited The Same Sandwich Shop Every Day, Trying To Stay On Her Diet. After A Bad Day, She Tried To Cheat…But The Sandwich Artist Said Something That Is Motivating EVERYONE!

Diets are hard. Exercising is hard. But the hardest thing about getting into shape is sticking to a way of life, especially when every single day can change and make it hard to stick to a schedule. Some days, we’re tired. Some days, it rains so hard that we don’t feel like braving the weather to make it to the gym. Some days, the sun is beating down so hard that the thought of sweating on purpose is highly unappealing.

In those moments, it is so easy to give up, go home, and forget that we ever thought about losing weight in the first place. One woman was very close to giving up…until she had a random encounter that changed her life.

Around December of last year I weighed 340 pounds. I was a heavy eater, I’m guessing somewhere between 3000-7000 calories daily. Fast food everyday and around 8-9 cans of soda daily. So I decided to go on a diet. I cooked everyday except for on Friday I made the exception of going to Subway for a 6″ sub, a bag of chips and a sweet tea. I went to Subway every Friday the same exact time everyday since December of 2013. The same guy has pretty much made my sandwich for the most part.

Last Friday I was going through a rough patch on the edge of breaking my diet for good. I went to subway again as normal, this time I ordered a foot long buffalo chicken sub on Italian (Normally having turkey on wheat), a bag of Doritos (Normally I ate baked lays), and a large soda (Normally I drank a sweet tea or water). The worker told me he has noticed my weight loss since I first came in almost a year ago and was impressed by my progress.

He told me if I ordered my normal meal and had lunch with him he would comp it. I agreed and we had lunch together, we talked and he told me he was there if I ever needed advice or some motivation. Anyways, the guy helped me from gaining all my weight back. Also, this was the first person to comment on my weight loss since I started losing weight. I now weigh 200 pounds and am gonna keep trying to get 160.

To whoever you are, I owe you a lot!”

While this is an inspiring story, what do we do when there isn’t a random sandwich shop guy to motivate us to keep going? This is why it is important to encourage and support the people around us. You just might be someone else’s sandwich shop guy one day. Never give up on your goals…even when the thought of putting in hours at the gym is the last thing you feel like doing! Your perseverance is most likely inspiring the people around you 🙂

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