She Uses ONE Ingredient To Completely Remove Caked-On Gunk From Her Burners!

How many of us actually scrub the burners on our stove every day? Maybe every week, but most likely once a month. Meal after meal, grease and sauce and bits of food end up splashing onto the burners and bake on over time, meaning that by the time we get around to actually cleaning…we have to scrub to see a difference. It’s the worst part about cleaning the kitchen…and it’s probably why we wait months to get it done.

But one blogger has discovered an incredible secret: you can clean the baked crud with ammonia fumes and you don’t have to scrub at all! Shove your burners into a plastic bag with only 1/4 cup of ammonia inside. Place them on cookie sheets and leave them outside overnight.

You only need a little ammonia in the bag. You are not trying to soak the burner… you just want to seal it up with the ammonia fumes.” She writes.

11-18a13Open the bag AWAY from your face and use a sponge to literally wipe the grease away. No scrubbing, no crying, no anger…just clean burners. 11-18a14Her one warning? Do NOT mix ammonia with any products that contain bleach! This creates a toxic fume that can be extremely harmful! By using ammonia on its own, you have all the cleaning power you’ll need to get those burners looking like new. Feel free to wait until the last minute to clean them – all you need to do is leave them outside overnight! You can find more details here!


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