She Used VINYL Floor Tiles To Give Her Kitchen A Modern Makeover! These Before And After Pics? WOW!

Using an outdated kitchen can get to you. For many of us, a lot of our time is spent in our kitchens. Cooking, cleaning, bonding, eating, or preparing for the day, feeling “at home” in your kitchen is important…but if stepping into your kitchen is like stepping into a time machine, it may be time to organize a little upgrade.

One woman was saving up for a massive kitchen overhaul but didn’t want to look at her aging kitchen a moment longer. She decided to use leftover paint and cabinet handles to quickly change the look of the cabinets, and purchase enough vinyl tiles to cover the outdated beige that was currently on the floor.

Total cost for the tiles? $45.00. 10-7a12They were easy to install, and after lining everything up perfectly, she got to work! It was as simple as peeling off the backing, sticking them to the floor as tightly as possible, and admiring her new kitchen!10-7a15She painted the cabinets white, covering the old, orange wood, and attached large handles to each cabinet and drawer! No major construction was done, but these small changes have made her kitchen nearly unrecognizable! 10-7a14Many people use vinyl tiles to create a checker board pattern on the floor, but after laying the tiles in a checker board fashion, she decided that it reminded her too much of a diner. Instead, she tried a modern approach, with large stripes of black and white. You can find more details on this project here!


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