She Used Contact Paper For An INSTANT Upgrade To Her Entire Kitchen!

This durable, sticky-backed plastic is more commonly known as contact paper and is used for a wide variety of crafting projects, but is rarely used in furniture design. One woman was ready to give her kitchen a new look for a low price, and it ended up costing her about $20! Who doesn’t love beautiful designs for a great deal? Pretty much no one, ever.

She measured out the length and width of her cabinets and ordered enough contact paper to cover it twice over (just in case!) and prepared for an adventure. She chose a bold marble design and unrolled it, laying it flat.
10-18a6She applied it slowly, making sure to remove as many air pockets as possible. It as important to scrub the counters clean and remove all debris before beginning as anything left behind would be visible after the contact paper had been laid down. She had to apply and re-apply the paper several times to get it perfect, but it didn’t take away from the paper’s stickiness.10-18a7Once it had been laid flat, she used a sharp blade to slice all excess paper off of the counters. She did this step last to ensure the all lines were clean and smooth, leaving no choppy edges or ragged ends. 10-18a8Her one piece of advice? Don’t place any hot pots or pans on it; it is plastic after all! This incredible makeover only took two hours and cost less than $20! Do you think it was worth it? See more details here!


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