She Used A Soda Can To Emboss A Sweet Message! Did You Know You Could Do This?!

Embossed items are clever. They don’t depict an image or message using ink, instead, they used the raised surface of paper or plastic to cast a shadow, revealing the message. Usually, it takes a special machine to get it just right, but this clever crafter figured out a way to make an embossed message at home! All it takes is an empty soda can and a pen! (Sanding is optional.)Be careful of sharp aluminum edges! She advises not to use your “good” scissors because cutting the can open will dull the edges. You may want to wear gloves to protect your fingers from the sharp edges.

Next, tape the section of the can right-side-down onto a piece of cardboard or something relatively soft, such as a folded up newspaper or even a mouse pad.

This is a three step process. First, write your message backwards. If this is too tricky, write it out on a piece of paper with a marker, turn the paper over, and place it on top of the aluminum.

Once you’ve written it backwards, flip the aluminum and trace around the message.

Finally, flip the aluminum and trace your message backwards one final time. (It’s tricky, but look at the pictures for a clearer explanation.)After these steps are completed, you’ve got a really neat tag with a personalized message! Use eyelets to attach a string, or simply glue it down!Would you try this craft? Gift tags, book marks, the things you can make will be so much fun to do! You can find the full tutorial here!

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