She Up-Cycled A Boring Shipping Box Into Something REALLY Cute For A Quick Bathroom Accent!

Cardboard boxes aren’t that useful in everyday life unless you’re moving or shipping something…and even then, you only use them for a short amount of time anyway! Most of us have moved away from using them for storage in the garage or attic because creepy crawly critters just love to munch away on the cardboard…but instead of tossing it, you may be able to transform it into something really useful for your home!

It all started with an empty cardboard box and the desire for a cute basket that didn’t cost a fortune. Cheap plastic containers are easy to find, but a cute woven basket? Yeah, right!

First, she cut the flaps off of the box and gathered her supplies. With a hot glue gun, 4 ply jute (twine), and patience, she began to glue and wrap the jute around the box as tightly as possible.

When she got to the top, she realized that she would need a little liner for the inside! She chose a white muslin fabric to keep everything looking and feeling clean. When she was done? Her easy craft looked like something out of a magazine! Now, she can store toilet paper and other toiletries in the bathroom without having to buy an expensive basket from the store. Would you try this out with your spare boxes? You can find more details on how she made this project here!

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