She Tweeted This Bookstore As A Joke…But The Story Has A Happy Ending!

It all started when the guy behind the Waterstones bookstore mentioned Pokemon, a popular cartoon, on Twitter. At the mention of “Charizard,” Victoria decided to gush over the reference, writing:

Well I’m in love with whoever is manning the Waterstones account. Be still my actual beating heart.”

It was a joke, but she had no idea that they would even see it in the first place.11-2a17

To her surprise, the “bookstore” replied!

Pff, he’s not that dreamy in real life.” The bookstore said.

Even if he wasn’t “dreamy,” she admitted that she’d take a book nerd over a dreamboat any day! And they continued chatting, tweeting, and talking after the initial interaction…leading to Victoria showing up at the bookstore with the gift of doughnuts! On his lunch break, they went for a walk. And after he was off of work, they went for drinks!

It was easily the best first date I’ve ever been on (and hopefully the last first date I’ll ever go on).” He said. He also bought her a copy of The Wizard of Oz, since she mentioned liking the movie.11-2a16

Four years later, their relationship was still going strong! The pair decided to tie the knot, and their love story has gone viral. A silly little tweet started it all, and it inspires us all to be more open and silly in our everyday lives. You never know where it might lead!


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