She Tries To Get Free Food By Scamming The Restaurant, But She Can’t Fool THIS Quick-Thinking Manager!

You see it movies and television shows. People try to scam their way out of paying for meals or services because “this happened.” In some cases it’s a slippery spot on the floor that they trip on or a piece of glass in their food. Sure, most of the incidents are actual accidents and the customers deserve to get a discount at the very least…but then there are people like THIS…

(Years ago I was a manager at a mom-and-pop Chinese restaurant. A group of three ladies come in, sit down, and place their orders. Fast forward to when they’ve finished their meals and want their bill:)

Customer: “I want to talk to a manager. There’s a hair in my food!”

Manager:*I go to check and see that all three of them have finished their meals* “I’m sorry ma’am, what was wrong with your meal?”

Customer:*shows me a blonde hair* “I found this in my rice! What are you going to do about it?”

(Considering NO ONE on staff has blonde hair and they actually ate everything, I apologize and offer her 50% off her meal, even though I’ve been doing this long enough to see through this scam.)

Customer: “WHAT?! THAT’S IT! We usually get ALL our meals for free!”

Manager: “I see you’ve done this before. I’ll tell you what, ma’am. My daughter works as a forensic scientist for the police department. Let me call her to come get this hair and run a DNA test on it. We will compare it to the DNA you’ve left on your coffee cup. If it’s not a match I will give you free lunch every day for life. If it’s a match, we will waste our judicial systems time and we will have you charged with fraud. What will it be, ma’am?”

(They paid in full. And my daughter is not a forensic scientist; she’s a veterinarian technician. I don’t particularly like scammers.)

Her big mistake? Telling the manager that they always get their meals for free when they find hair in their food. Really? Every time that you go out to eat, you find mysterious long blonde hairs in your food, and then you continue to eat the food, even though there is hair in it? 

I’ve found hair in my food before. It’s gross – and I stop eating as soon as I do. The restaurant usually just brings out a fresh meal instead, and I’m okay with that. I’m hungry and came to eat, not to get free food. But sadly there are people like her in the world who don’t think twice about scamming others. It’s shameful, and I’m glad they were able to catch her in the act!

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