She Tried To Get Her Brother Something Nice For His Birthday, But He Didn’t Give Her Much To Go On

This guy’s “snarky little sister” is proving that you shouldn’t be so flippant when someone asks you what kind of gift you want for a special occasion. As adults, we generally have a good idea of what an appropriate gift is and can always rely on the standard gift card + generic greeting card to substitute when we don’t know the person well. However, when you happen to be 13 years old, taking someone’s answer at face value can instantly turn into a viral story to make people laugh.

She asked her brother, Joel, what he wanted for his birthday. Instead of giving her an actual answer, he brushed off her question with “whatever”. She wasn’t phased and went the extra mile by laminating their conversation and attaching it to “whatever” as a birthday present.
Yes, that is the ladle from their kitchen.

You can’t go wrong with a nice gift basket or a gift card to the movies…but if you’re going to laugh and just say “whatever,” you kind of deserve it.

But one person had a different take on it because that’s a nice ladle!¬†At least it’s a useful object. This little sister had the best reaction!

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