She Transformed This Boring Lampshade From Ikea Using A Map And Her Imagination!

If you have ceiling lamps in your home, you know how boring it is to look up and see…nothing. Sure, there may be a decorative lampshade around your light fixtures, but the inside is usually a boring (and in my case, dusty) shade of white. It’s so boring, in fact, that you probably hadn’t even noticed how utterly uninspiring it was on the inside. This neat hack will remedy your boring light fixtures and add a really fun element of creativity…if your guests happen to look up while sitting in your living room.8.17a20

This project used the Rimson lampshade from Ikea, but you should be able to do it on any lampshade that you have lying around with a little maneuvering. It is a simple idea! Measure and cut a stretch of an old paper map and glue it to the inside of a lamp shade.

8.17a21Roll the lamp back up after another layer of glue, mod podge, or paste and let it dry overnight. Using the assemble-it-yourself type of lamp made this project easier, but any other lamp shade will work as long as the map fits inside. The results?

8.17a22Illuminating 😉

Many people are excited to use maps of their hometowns, favorite cities, and old maps that had been sitting in storage for decades. It’s a creative touch that looks amazing, and it is so simple that many people are excited to try it as soon as possible! Will you be adding a map to the inside of your lamp shades this weekend?

I really want to try this!


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