She Transformed A Boring Toilet Paper Roll Into This AWESOME Decoration! I Need This!

The winter break is a time for crafting and spending time with family…but if the weather is poor, that might mean that more time is spent indoors than outside. What do you get when you coop up a bunch of kids in the house? Chaos. Usually, you get chaos (especially if someone has been baking cookies!) and containing all of that excitement can be difficult to do. This craft is perfect! It takes quite a bit of time, but if everyone is sitting down and talking, these crafts just might save the afternoon!

This is what you’re going to be making. Cute, right? They can be used as decorations on the tree, for little stuffed animals…just about anything! You can get rid of any extra yarn you have lying around the house as well. Win-win!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • An empty toilet paper roll
  • A ruler
  • A pencil


First, squish that toilet paper roll just a bit so that it lays flatter than normal. You don’t need to put a crease in it, just smoosh it enough so that you can mark it with a pencil and cut it into slices.

Using a ruler, make a little mark with a pencil or pen every 1.8cm or 0.7in. This will give you 5 little “hats” and is enough to keep everyone busy for a while! You don’t need too many empty rolls to make a tree full of little puffy hats!

Cut them straight across using the lines as guides. Expand the loops out again and prepare for the next step! (This is why you shouldn’t press the toilet paper roll too hard when you first make your marks!)


Cut out roughly 30 – 40 stands of yarn each at 35cm or 14 inches. They can be shorter, but it’s easier to cut down extra yarn than to try and work with too little.

Once you have cut out all of your yarn pieces, fold one strand in half and push it through the toilet paper slice. Feed the loose ends through the loop so that they are OVER the toilet paper slice and pull the loose ends.

Once the ends are snugly against the roll, you won’t need to secure them in place. They should stay put all on their own! Put your next strand through and squish everything close together. If you used a puffy or fuzzier yarn, you might not need as many strands.


Keep going with this step until the entire slice has been covered in yarn! This will be the “cap” for your “hat!”

You’ll need to pull the ends THROUGH the hole from the inside. The easiest way to do that is to split the sections in half, twist them a little, and pull thread the through the hole. You could also feed them through individually, but this is just a faster technique.

Once they have all been pushed through, cut a long piece of yarn to tie around the top of your “hat.” This will create a pom-pom and secure everything in place! If you plan to hang these from a tree, make this strand into a loop.


Tie it really tightly! You don’t want any of the strands pulling loose throughout the season!

Cut the extra yarn into the shape that you desire. You can cut it straight across of create a rounded puff. It’s up to you! Get creative!
12.14d12 Here, admire the finished product one more time!


These are too precious! I just love how fun and festive they are! Plus, you can use them on stuffed animals or dolls throughout the rest of the year, too. Fun!

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