She Tossed Aside His Proposal Because He Didn’t Make Enough Money, But 10 Years Later HE Got Revenge And Never Had To Say A Word!

Judging someone based on their social status has its consequences. Maybe you will have more in common with people from your own social circles, but just because someone is different doesn’t mean that you should write them off as friends. In this man’s story, he fell in love with the woman of his dreams, but couldn’t believe that she would say something so heartless and cruel.

A poor boy was in love with a rich man’s daughter. One day, the boy proposed to the girl, but she turned him down.

“Are you serious? Your monthly salary is not even close to my daily expenses. How could you support me? I can’t truly love you, just go ahead marry someone closer to your status.”

He could never truly move on from his heartbreak and decided to work as hard as he possibly could. He might not ever be able to change her mind, but he tried his best. 10 years later, he ran into her at a large mall, and she recognized him immediately.

“Hey! How are you? Did you know, I got married to a man who makes over $15,000 a month? You could never have beat that. Plus, he’s very smart! He’s working on another important project.” She said, still trying to rub her success in his face.

Just at that moment, her husband walked out of a nearby store and instantly started smiling.

“Sir! I see you’ve met my wife!” He turned to his wife to make the introductions. “Honey, this is my boss! I’ve been working on his $100 million project for the past year!”

“You two make a lovely couple.” His boss replied, smiling.

“Oh, are you married?” She asked him, remembering how she had broken his heart 10 years earlier.

“No, if you’ll excuse me,” his boss said, walking away with a strange smile on his face.

“He never married,” her husband started as soon as his boss had left, sharing the story. “Apparently, he had a great love some time ago, but she refused him when she found out that didn’t have much money…I bet she’s kicking herself now, though! Can you imagine saying no to a nice guy like that? He spends his time working and traveling the world. I sure wish I could do that.” He joked.

His wife smiled politely, but stood there in shock. She didn’t have anything else to say.

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