She Tore Out The Pages Of An Old Book And Dipped Them In Glitter. You NEED This For The Holidays!

If you’ve never been to a crafting party, this next project might change your mind! These ladies got together to share food, laughs, and a fun experience that resulted in these incredible holiday decorations! They wanted to make festive wreaths that they could hang on their front doors and above the fireplace, and they had a great idea.

All it took was an old books, some craft glue, and glitter. They chose to use a “yellowed” book to give their wreaths a vintage feel.

They started by removing the pages from the book with a sharp knife and rolling them into diagonal tubes. The tighter you roll it, the smaller your tube will be. They each took a different approach to the project.8.24a8After dipping the edges in craft glue, a few of them dipped them in glitter to add some sparkle to the project.8.24a9Next, using a flat and sturdy piece of cardboard, they pressed down the “points” of the tubes and glued them down in a circle. They didn’t use a guide, but using a paper plate may help yours stay more uniform.8.24a10The finished product is a combination of large and small tubes in a beautiful flower pattern! She added a small ornament to the center to give it a “winter” feel as opposed to any specific holiday.
8.24a11The different styles and shapes are endless! Add ornaments, or create your own display using bits and pieces from around the house.8.24a7This is a good project to try with friends because it can take a while. These wreaths took over 2 hours, but it didn’t feel so long because they were enjoying the good company! Will you be trying this out, or is it too much for your tastes?


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