She Took This Sneaky Photograph Of A Subway Employee…And His Story Is Going VIRAL!

Cell phones are everywhere! And what’s worse? They all have CAMERAS! Anyone can take a picture of anyone or anything and it can be uploaded to the internet instantly…with or without the other person’s consent. So when Antonio saw his picture being blasted all over social media, he didn’t know what to think at first. Would you? Most of us would be concerned. That was…until he read the story that went along with it!3.7a12

His warm hospitality today certainly warmed my soul!”


This woman could have lied, or twisted the truth. Antonio had no control over what this woman would choose to say about him. He may have even gotten into trouble with his job if she hadn’t been close enough to realize what he was doing. But she saw everything. Antonio wasn’t acting for a camera. He wasn’t doing this for recognition or a promotion. He was treating this woman the way he would treat anyone else – with kindness and respect. For him, it was just another day on the job! 

When he found the post, he took the time to say “thanks!”


I’ll bet his store was really busy the next day! Who wouldn’t want to be treated like family at a sandwich shop? Too special!

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