She Took This Photograph 25 Hours After Giving BIRTH! Her Bravery Is Going VIRAL!

Society has changed drastically in the past 30+ years. With the spread of social media, more and more people are putting their entire lives online for everyone to see. Making stands about what they believe in, leading the charge against injustice, and making their opinions known has never been easier. With the push of a button, hundreds of thousands can read and experience the thoughts and feelings of an individual, giving them feedback (positive or negative) and contributing to the general discussion.

For one new mom, exposing what a woman goes through after giving birth was an extremely personal thing to share with the world…and women everywhere are PRAISING her for this bold and empowering move!


My body feels like it ran a marathon and my heart is wide open from yesterday’s travels.”1.22a1

Her exposure has people everywhere talking – really talking – about what really happens when you become a mother. This photo made mothers everywhere talk about remembering their first few days after giving birth to their first children. It has mothers talking about grieving for the children that they lost. It has people asking whether or not this was appropriate due to the special relationship between a mother and a child. But the most important thing, according to this mom, is that people are finally talking.

Motherhood should be respected, and this mom intends to continue posting for as long as it takes. What a powerful image.

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