She Took Pictures Of Her Mom Before And After A Night Out. Would YOU Be Mad At Your Kid?

Meet Donna. Donna is just like you and me, and apparently, like the entire internet. When her daughter, Brooke, posted these before and after pictures, it wasn’t clear whether she was trying to make fun of her mother or encourage the rest of us that we’re not alone!

The pictures went viral practically overnight as thousands of people instantly said, “that could be me!”

A few were concerned that her mom might be angry about the candid photo being posted to the internet for everyone to see…but Donna is a special lady. When she found out that her comical before and after photos were being liked and shared by thousands of people, she was glad!She thought people would like to know how she looks and feels after a night at the pub.

She thinks it’s hilarious. She doesn’t know who she feels more sorry for, William, her husband, having to wake up next to that or myself and my sisters as that’s what we’ll look like in 20 or so years.”

Most people felt better at seeing the post! “It’s nice knowing that I’m not the only one who wakes up feeling like a train wreck,” one comment said. If more people shared pictures like this, would the world be a better place? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s still hilarious.

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